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World Class Service. African expertise.


For nearly 2 decades Summit Recruitment & Search has delivered world class Talent Sourcing, Executive Search, Recruitment and HR Solutions to organisations wishing to attract and retain outstanding individuals, across Kenya, East Africa and the African continent.

As the leading African Recruitment and Executive Search Agency, we have the local expertise and knowledge, assisted by our international portfolio of psychometric assessment tools, to ensure that the right individuals are sourced and become an asset to your organisation.

Welcome, Summit Recruitment & Search
Welcome, Summit Recruitment & Search

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Executive Search

Our Executive Search success rate is 96%. We have 14 specialist consultants in 21 business sectors, across Africa. How can we help?

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Quickly shortlist the very best talent available for junior & middle management, skilled & semi-skilled roles. With over 500,000 candidates on our database, the team can deliver large scale employment assignments on time, every time.

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Human Resource Services

Looking to conduct psychometric assessments, performance evaluations, process payrolls or implement a HR audit? We can help.

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Support our local communities

The entire team at Summit is committed to supporting local communities. With the COVID pandemic hitting hard, we have devoted ourselves to initiatives in our local neighbourhood. Read a report from Friends of Dagoretti… Read More >

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A little more info...

Our Talent Sourcing & Recruitment Consultants work in a specialised business sector, on a limited number of projects in the pursuit of the very best people.

All Senior Consultants specialise in their respective business sectors, enabling you to get the most up-to-date advice on prevailing salaries, experience and cultural fit within your organisation and market sector, be it South Africa, East Africa or Kenya!

We do not want to make promises we can’t keep, but we do promise to transparently search or recruit for the best talent available in any given market and keep you informed every step of the way. Summit offers a different approach to Executive Search and Recruitment. Why? We actually care about our clients and our candidates. And because of this, both our candidates and clients come back to us time and time again. Read our testimonials on the other page to find out more about us!


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