11 MUST HAVE tips for your RESUME!

  1. No “I” (first person). Use adjectives and attributes to humanize your resume.
  2. Order:
    Professional Summary (PS)
    Core Competencies and Achievements (CCA)
    Professional Experience (PE)
    Education (E)
    Certifications/Professional Training
    Awards/Volunteer Work
  3. Length: 2 pages EXCEPT-
    Freshers/Recent grads, <6 years’ experience – 1 page
    C-Suite, Military, Medical, Legal, Project Management – 2 pages+
  4. Fonts: Times New Roman/Arial etc
    Size: minimum 11pts will pass all ATS systems, globally
  5. Upload online as a word document, unless PDF is stated as acceptable.
    Send via email as PDF.
  6. No Hyperlinks. ATS reads as a virus in most cases.
    No photos. ATS can’t read them.
  7. Showcase hard and transferable skills in CCA backed up with quantifiable achievements.
  8. No personal identifiers EXCEPT:
    Name, phone, email, LinkedIn URL, City State
  9. If 40 years + omit dates prior to 2007/2008 in PE and E.
  10. Freshers/Recent grads your order:
    PE or Internships
    Volunteer work

Courtesy: Kirsty Bonner | #KB