12 things YOU need to know about JOB OFFERS:

  1. Is the salary offer negotiable?
  2. Does the offer include or exclude bonuses/commissions?
  3. Know what the notice period will be and if any non-competes are in play.
  4. Know which benefits the offer includes e.g. Healthcare, dental, pension, critical illness insurance etc.
  5. Know what your vacation and sickness leave is.
  6. Know if you are eligible for stock options.
  7. Are relocation expenses reimbursed?
  8. Is higher education/tuition subsidised?
  9. Know the core values of the company. Are they aligned with yours?
  10. Verbal offers are not legally binding.
  11. Written offers are not legally binding unless they constitute the employment contract.
  12. Contracts are legally binding if signed by both parties.

Do your own due diligence on the workplace CULTURE before accepting job offers. Remember to do a cost benefit analysis on salary vs. time away from your family. Money is NOT everything.

Courtesy: Kirsty Booner | KB