3 Creative ways to motivate employees that would not break the bank

1. Website Motivation of employees

As an employer, keeping your workforce motivated should be a top priority. A happy employee is a productive one.

There are hundreds of ways to motivate your employees, but overall you’ll need to implement things that fit with your company.
Below I have listed 3 creative things that every company, small or large, can implement to make your company a more fun place to work. Minimal expense needed!

1.  A round of applause: When an employee has completed something really worthwhile or difficult, then get your whole team to applause them (literally) at your next team meeting.

2.  20 Minutes of your time: An important part of a productive and happy workplace is communication. You should always make time for your employees in order to hear about their own experiences. Organise a monthly meeting with individual’s one on one, and ask employees for their honest opinions on what’s going well and what’s not in the office, what they think should change or what they think is working well.

3.  Recognize special events in the lives of your employees:  Birthdays, weddings, births, the accomplishments of employee children—if you have a reason to celebrate, do it!

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