5 ways you can Improve Your CV

When seeking employment your CV can be of service or disservice in getting you to the interview level of your dream job. It is conventional for a recruiter to receive dozens of CVs for any single job vacancy and your only chance is pegged on a striking CV. This is how your CV can set you apart from the pack.

Make it short
A CV is meant to sell you as a professional. Employers take a few minutes to study your CV and understand your background. Making your CV a detailed memoir of places you have worked, in chunky unstructured paragraphs is a turn-off. Make your CV short, precise and straight to the point. Fine tune it to reflect all your experience while omitting the unnecessary details.

Include your achievements
Many candidates are quick to highlight their responsibilities while forgetting about their achievements. A good CV should be keen on achievements. That’s what ticks for any employer. Achievements differentiate your CV from the rest as they show how well you were able to attend to your duties. It brings you out as a performer and speaks to the logical side of the recruiter.

Give it a focus
What is your career focus? As a recruiter, there are CVs you meet, and their focus is elusive. Don’t let a recruiter take two minutes trying to place you in a background. Structure your CV in such a way that it gives away your career progression in a clear manner. Short stints at this or that only water down your general focus. Tailor make your CV to give reasons why you are qualified for the role you are applying for. (In the next blog we will be exploring the different ways you can find your career focus.)

Pictorial Presentation
Why would you have pictures in your CV? Yes, there are some careers that require pictorial presentation, but a serious professional knows too well than to put them in the CV. Create a neat portfolio that will showcase your prowess in an orderly manner and whenever you are sending out your CV you can always attach it. Pictures in your CV only brings you out as a disorganized candidate who cannot go the extra mile of creating a portfolio.

Eliminate overused Clichés
Expressions such as “Goal-oriented”, “Hard-working team player”, “Innovative forward thinker.” Will only group you with the rest. Though mouthwatering these expressions don’t communicate to the reader. Bring out your professionalism by giving instances you have proved that you are a hardworking team player, Goal oriented e.t.c