Africa Technology News

  • Facebook has unveiled a new preventive health tool and will now allow users choose to get personalized reminders about upcoming health care checkups and vaccinations, in a move that is focused to getting people information about cancer screenings, health checkups and vaccines.
  • Liquid Telcom SA unveiled its new network upgrade in a bid to respond to demands from customers for extra bandwidth and improved reliability. the upgrade comprises of regionalized redundancy that will ensure continued service to overcome network interruptions.
  • Moringa School, a Kenyan multi-disciplinary coding school, has secured an investment from DOB Equity. The funds will be used to meet the growing demand for professional skills especially for regional expansion of the school, in addition to developing and strengthening its platform.
  • Google is deploying a massive search update that will make it more useful and show more relevant results as the update will seem to understand all the words typed in the search box, instead of giving results based on keywords only.