All About Lumina Select

Client Experience: Lumina Select

At Summit Recruitment and Search we are always looking to improve our processes and adapt in order to stay up to date with the newest trends in the market. As the recruitment space develops, so do we. One such development is the heightened adoption of competency-based thinking. In this regard, we have recently successfully certified all our Consultants in Lumina Select (recruitment and interview). This is a competency-based system of interview questions, designed especially for selection and recruitment. Using Lumina, we have developed a thorough and seamless process that ensures we find the best suitable candidates to meet our client’s needs. 

Lumina is an interesting tool, not only for recruitment agencies, but also for clients and job seeking candidates alike. By using ‘competency’ skills for a role, rather than simply outlining traditional ‘responsibilities’ for a job profile, a wider audience can apply for a role and the client will be able source more individuals with the appropriate competencies.

What do we mean by competencies? An individual may be competent in ‘supporting others’,  ‘astute learning capability’, to ‘creative thinking ability’ and so on. This replaces the more traditional descriptions on JD’s like; ‘must be a team player’, ‘responsible for all financial reports in region’. With Lumina competencies, we can really hone in on someone’s ability to do a role – even if they do not have direct experience in an industry before.

So what does Lumina Select entail?

Lumina Select has 4 broad categories, performing through pioneering, through delivery, through influence and through people. Each group has 4 competencies under them – resulting in 16 total competencies. Each competency is rated on a scale between 1-5 (as shown below with a sample Personalized Portrait).

A smoothie of different Lumina Spark qualities is used to gauge competency potential. Each quality is given a specific weighting based on its relative contribution to rated performance.

So how does Lumina integrate into our everyday activities?

Lumia Select impacts the client experience from the initial meeting until the final selection.

When our Consultants meet our clients for the first time, they do their best to understand the role(s) the client would like to recruit for. From this, specific competencies that are important for the role are agreed upon with the client (these often also aid in the creation of the job description). From here, the competencies guide the interview process with Consultants curating specific questions and target answers they are looking for in the ideal candidate. The score received by the candidates interview answers are then used to guide the creation of the short list and shared with the client when making their selection.

Closing Thoughts

Lumina Select’s colourful and highly intuitive model also has the added advantage of reducing the evaluative bias that may affect the recruitment process. We have also found that it has improved the rigour and validity of our selection process. The tool also goes deeper into examining not only competency potential, but also possible competency blockers as well. Overall, the tool allows us to see what the candidate’s personality is like and what they are likely to enjoy doing or have preferences for; while also helping us understand a candidate’s potential for competencies required in a specific role.