An important message to frustrated candidates from a search and recruitment specialist.

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In a 2015 survey carries out by LinkedIn, these were the main frustrations aimed at Search and Recruitment companies in East Africa and globally:

“Being called after 6 pm”
“Not receiving feedback”
“More information given up front about the role”
“The process takes so long”

As a professional Search and Recruitment Company, we are able to address some of these frustrations, but often we are at the mercy of the organisation with which we work!

We are often asked to call out of work hours, but as candidates or “talent”, you simply need to tell the recruitment consultants when you would like to be contacted. Most recruiters will honour this.

Getting feedback can sometimes be a frustration – even for us! If the interviewer within an organisation is travelling or particularly busy it can sometimes take forever to get feedback on the candidates. But we certainly endeavour to get it as soon as possible and will pass it on to candidates as soon as we have it.

Sometimes, as the Search and Recruitment Company, we are instructed not to disclose client information. This is usually if an incumbent is in the position already.

For those who find the whole process very long indeed, again, there may be other factors in play. The role is very senior and therefore the interviewers from the client company may be travelling or extremely busy.

Equally, as a general rule, the more senior the role, the longer the search journey will take! Just remember, when you are feeling frustrated, the recruitment and search company are usually going as fast as they can and sharing as much as they can!

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