Are you appealing for lots of jobs and not receiving a call back? You might be making some of the most common C.V mistakes

1. Website C.V Mistakes

Often, your CV is your one shot of impressing a recruiter and securing you an interview for a job you really want. So it’s important that you get it absolutely right.

Unfortunately though, talk to any recruiter and they’ll tell you how many potentially good candidates fall at the first job hunting hurdle by making silly but fatal mistakes on their CV.
Below are top 3 C.V mistakes to avoid;

1) Poor spelling and grammar: You’ve heard the rhyme about the nail that lost the war? In a similar vein, one silly spelling mistake can kill an otherwise perfect CV. So before you send your CV out, use spell check and then proofread it thoroughly. If you’re not 100% confident in your grammar, ask a friend to check it over for you.
2) Unnecessarily elaborate design: These days, the chances are your CV is going to be judged on a screen. So don’t take the opportunity to play with fancy fonts and colours – stick to typefaces that are screen friendly (like Ariel, Cambria, Times New Roman or Verdana) and use a font size of 10 or 12 for body copy, and slightly larger for subheads. If you’re sending it as an attachment, use Word. And avoid backgrounds and ornate borders. Let your experiences and achievements be the star.
3) Throwing in the kitchen sink: Your CV should be as short as it possibly can, while delivering the information a recruiter is looking for. Recruiters are very busy people, and they don’t have time to wade through pages of long winded explanations of how you learned the value of work on a paper round. So stick to three pages at a maximum, and take your work experience back as far as is relevant. Likewise your qualifications – unless it’s relevant, resist the temptation to list every KCSE subject or course taken over the past 20 years.

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