Career Clini Feedback | February

I did attend the clinic and am very satisfied with the feedback I received from your team. The recruiter gave me some powerful insights and pointers which will be of great help in my job search.

Norma Otieno

I learnt to be confident during an interview, how to write a good CV and how to present myself during an interview. The reception was also warm. I believe I got the courage and confidence to take the next step in my career.

Lokawa Dominic – Cabin Crew/Customer Care.

I got to know how to tailor my application to the job description. It is important to check the experience level during application. The session was educative and well-coordinated.

Jane Karimi – Admin & Accounts Assistant.

I learnt my areas of weakness, apply for the right job – don’t be desperate and not to lose hope. The experience was very friendly, hands-on with competent officers. I recommend this program since it is a good place to know your areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Janet Kathini – HR Apprentice.