Career Clinic Feedback | Candidates Testimonials

I have learnt how to package my CV to suit the jobs advertised. Also I realise the need to give room before considering another job if recently employed. The career clinic experience is mind blowing. I would recommend this program to my colleagues for them to understand why their CV’s are not considered for certain positions that they apply for.

Sammy Kibor – Transport Officer.

I learnt various things:

  1. You have to know what you want
  2. Apply for jobs without backing out
  3. Your CV says a lot about who you are.

The whole experience was tremendous. As they say, knowledge is power – a little bit of it doesn’t hurt anyone. I absolutely feel comfortable to take the next step in my career after today.

Nungari Nyarua – Microbioloist (Research)

Today I had an educative experience in terms of CV development and what to focus on in the CV. I learnt to focus on necessary information based on skills and experience once applying for a position. Also, to always include jobs done on contracts to reduce early judgement from interviewers.

Samuel Mbithi – Sales Manager, Project Head – General Trade