Case Study: – Onboarding process and challenges

Case Study: - Onboarding process and challenges

Initial stage: Client was looking to recruit an accountant for a dynamic Manufacturing firm. 

Scenario: A perfect candidate was selected by Summit and was presented with an offer letter by the client. She accepted the offer and reported to work. After the completion of 3 months’ probation period & absorbed by the Company, the candidate reveals that she is six months pregnant.  

The client was very disappointed by the turn of events as he felt that there was a lack of honesty portrayed by the candidate during the recruitment process. In addition to this, the Organisation is currently on a strained budget and not in a position to recruit a reliever during her maternity break.  

Expert advises: – According to the Employment Act of Kenya ( Section 29, Sub. 1) all employees are entitled to 90 calendar days during the maternity break, irrespective of the industry. 

-The client was advised by Summit Recruitment & Search to action on the following: – 

  • The candidate is entitled to proceed on her maternity break and get full pay during this period as she had completed probation & absorbed into the Organisation. 
  • Due to financial strain, the client was encouraged to get a Temp for three months and consider a graduate trainee which would cut down on the cost.  

In light of this, we support 100% transparency during the interview and evaluation process for the candidates & hiring company. In addition to this, the Onboarding process is highly encouraged for any hiring company as this is always a great time to engage with the successful candidate.  

What would you have done if you were the candidate or the client?  Let us know your answers.