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Corporate Social Responsibility


At Summit, we continue to uphold our commitment to supporting the less fortunate people in society. Recently, we have been working with Friends of the Karen Street Children to support young people who have completed high school or university. Here are some success stories as told by Friends of Karen Street Children. The acquisition process and the latest updates are also highlighted as well. Friends of Karen Street Children are grateful for the endearing support they have received from sponsors and donors thus far.

“Johnson and Faith both came from deeply disadvantaged families and have now made a new life together. Johnson now is a qualified accountant and Faith, a graduate nurse, both beneficiaries of the KSC sponsorship programme. This is a monumental life change from their own childhoods, and we are delighted to have been able to make it happen. Faith and Johnson represent the ending that we all hope for all our chosen students but none of this comes without a huge amount of hard work on behalf of the students and especially that of our wonderful administrator, mentor, counsellor and friend, Catherine. We give her huge thanks for all her hard work and patience. None of our achievements would be possible without our generous sponsors, donors and interested friends. On behalf of all of us in the Karen Street Children’s Trust, we say thank you.”

What a wonderful happy photograph!

“For the past twenty-six years, the Karen Street Children’s Trust has been working to build a brighter future for impoverished and disadvantaged children from the slums surrounding the Karen suburb of Nairobi. To date, we have helped nearly 200 young people build worthwhile lives through education, training and employment opportunities, and currently, we are working with 40 bright sponsored students. Each has been selected on the basis of hardship at home and the potential to benefit from a good education. We are proud that so many have grasped the opportunity and worked hard to achieve top grades. Amongst our many alumni, we have an architect, quantity surveyor, clinical officer, nurse, many accountants, environmental scientist, computer engineers, bankers, community workers, businessmen, solar engineers, caterers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics and many others. For each of our students, these achievements are the result of many years of sponsorship and mentoring from the Karen Street Children’s Trust. Their paper qualifications do not show the gain in self-esteem and complete change in life direction that they have gained, and we are proud of each one of them. None of this could have been achieved without the generous support of sponsors and donors and we thank them all.”