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Corporate Social Responsibility

The entire team at Summit Recruitment & Search are committed to working with the less fortunate groups within our society. With this in mind and after extensive research, Summit Recruitment & Search has chosen to support 2 Charities, whose aim is to assist children and young adults attain the highest possible educational levels and ultimately find internships and full time employment. Friends of Dagoretti Children (FDC) and Karen Street Children (KSC) were set up to assist slum children from poor backgrounds, who would not ordinarily be able to pay their way through school, to achieve what they are capable of and in many cases, supporting children through university. Summit is actively involved in assisting these organizations fund the children through their Education and also offers Career Advisory Clinics to its’ Graduates and eventually helps in placing the Graduates into various organizations. Everyone has the right to education and so wherever possible Summit tries to support both these organisations through funding, mentoring, training and being available to assist with placements of the students.


FDC provides support to bright and needy, disadvantaged children from the local Nairobi area for secondary and tertiary education. The bulk of assistance is in the form of support with school and college/university fees.

The objective of FDC is to support disadvantaged families and to try to instill an understanding of the value of education, leading to self-sufficiency.

The institution currently has 52 young people (31 girls, 21 boys)

  • 18 are in secondary schools
  • 34 are in work experience or tertiary courses

Those taken on are not necessarily orphans nor are they necessarily the very brightest of the bright. They must, however, have achieved 300 or more marks in KCPE and be hungry for education. The home helps those who achieve the required marks go to Government Universities. The others do courses at Diploma level through Polytechnics, other Technical Colleges or Vocational Colleges. The home aims to achieve a breadwinner for each family through useful, practical and employable qualifications. Other than their social worker, FDC is run entirely by volunteers and therefore has virtually no overheads, which means every penny donated goes towards helping children through Education.

Karen Street Children

At Karen Street Children, all the students are in boarding schools and colleges across the country where they are getting an education in a safe environment with food provided and a bed to sleep in at night. The institution aims to sustain a small group of bright children through school – what so many elsewhere take for granted.

At the beginning of each year, KSC selects a number of children from a vast number of applicants, based on academic potential, dire poverty and a bright personality, together with an assessment of available funding. This is based on actual costs for the year and includes school fees, food and accommodation for boarding pupils, text books and stationery, all uniform, shoes, transport, tuck, pocket money, holiday activities, cover for medical emergencies and the pastoral care and support of our qualified counsellor, Catherine Muguru. Overheads are extremely low and so every penny donated makes its’ way to one of the students in need of financial support.

Corporate Social Responsibilities - Summit Recruitment & Search

Corporate Social Responsibilities - Summit Recruitment & Search

Above is Jo Troulan, one of Summit’s Senior Consultants with Festus and Nixon from Friends of Dagoretti Children during a Career Clinic on the 2nd of February 2017. (Subsequently, both young men received an offer of an Internship with a large East African edible oil manufacturer)

Corporate Social Responsibilities - Summit Recruitment & Search
The KCSE Class of 2015 (FDC)

Corporate Social Responsibilities - Summit Recruitment & Search
2017 young adults funded by KSC

In March 2017, having already passed her BSc Social Sciences (thanks to support from KSC), Margaret received an offer for an Internship from an International Agri company, with head quarters in Kenya.

Feel free to donate to Friends of Dagoretti Children or Karen’s Street Children’s Trust.

For more information on FDC look through their blog: or email:

For more information on Karen Street Children’s Trust visit their website: