Demystifying The Myth Around Paternity Leave in Kenya 2021

Kenyans (employers and employees) do not appear to understand paternity leave for some mysterious reason.

Indeed, even Kenyan labor rules fail to provide proper advice on paternity leave.

Here, we debunk the myths surrounding paternity leave, including the protocols that surround paternity leave:

  • What is the legal provision for the administration of paternity leave entitlement?

Employment Act provides for two weeks/14 working days of paid paternity leave.

  • What is the objective of paternity leave?

The purpose of paternity leave (PL) is to allow an eligible staff member a period of paid leave to bond with and take care of his newly-born child.

  • What are the procedures surrounding paternity leave?

Most employers expect men to apply for their paternity leave within the spouse’s maternity leave.

No specific commencement date is set so ideally, the two parties should strike an agreement that’s fair both for the organization and the worker.

A verbal notice is required though some employers may request a written notice if the organization’s labour policies/guidelines state so.

  • Can a casual employee qualify for paternity leave in Kenya?

This leave is exclusively for permanent employees.

Globally, Scandinavian countries are known to be the most generous with paternity leave, allowing parents greater choice.

Next week we will cover Parental Leave in Kenya, Africa and Globally. Meanwhile, for details regarding , have a look at our previous post: