Eastern Africa market



  • Kenya will start offering land at lower cost to investors to set up renewable energy projects as it moves to introduce competitive bidding; http://bit.ly/2Elaasd
  • Aircraft manufacturer Airbus, has launched its Little Engineer programme in Kenya with 30 students simulating a launch mission into space; http://bit.ly/2ETECXb
  • Treasury bills uptake on improved liquidity; http://bit.ly/2H7gaT
  • Kenyan lenders take front seat in green growth; http://bit.ly/2EB4zgy


  • A private tour firm in Uganda is giving Ugandans & visitors a chance to experience Kampala’s scenic landscapes aboard the city’s 1st ever sightseeing tourist bus; http://bit.ly/2o46xfl
  • The Private Sector has made proposals to the Budget Framework Paper that should enable it to contribute more towards a vibrant economy; http://bit.ly/2EqvDQf
  • The government of Uganda has approved regulations covering Islamic banking with the central bank to boost financial inclusion in the country; http://bit.ly/2G6tOV0
  • Kampala Intra-regional trade in quality cereals & pulses is expected to increase following the launch of the gazetted East African standards of staple foods; http://bit.ly/2BSYifo
  • Uganda will start investing in the oil & gas infrastructure ahead of the planned production in 2020; http://bit.ly/2EA64vi
  • Uganda’s environmental watchdog has warned of devastating consequences if Chinese investors insist on mining sand from Lake Victoria; http://bit.ly/2sojE03


  • Tanzania has rolled out the new electronic East African Community passports to replace the existing national documents; http://bit.ly/2Elwf9Z
  • The management of Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL) have started a move to repossess a local mobile firm Airtel; http://bit.ly/2nT8lbJ
  • Travelers from Tanzania to the United Arab Emirates on Etihad Airways will get a free visa deal on arrival at the airport offered by the airline for February; http://bit.ly/2o47PHd
  • RELI Assets Holding Company (RAHCO) is confident that Tanzania’s Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), is expected to be the best railway in Africa upon completion; http://bit.ly/2Boe2pw


  • The first well-equipped African leather & leather products testing laboratory in Ethiopia is training experts from the continent & testing products from South Africa, Sudan, Rwanda & Botswana; http://bit.ly/2G5pa9S
  • Ethiopia has earned 60.51 million USD in the past six months from the sale of gold, value-added opal, gemstone, tantalum extracted through companies & traditional producers; http://bit.ly/2EhV96o
  • Ethiopian Airlines Group has announced that it will commence direct flight from Addis Ababa to Chicago effective from June 2, 2018; http://bit.ly/2H4GU6C
  • Ethiopia has managed to transform its horticulture sector with a span of 15 years from scratch close to 300 million USD export business through attracting potential investors; http://bit.ly/2G89pzc
  • A US-based investment firm is collaborating with partners from Asian countries to build an oil refinery in Ethiopia; http://bit.ly/2GcTgII
  • The Federal High Court has ruled in favour of Country Trading Plc, over Ethiopian Airports Enterprise (EAE) in a court battle over the cancellation of a bid for renting 90 duty-free shops at the latter’s premises; http://bit.ly/2BSWJ0O


  • Rwanda’s Investor of the Year Sets New Goals; http://bit.ly/2CdYOAp
  • Five local horticulture produce-exporting companies are participating in the ongoing Fruit Logistical expo in Berlin, Germany as part of efforts to explore new markets in Europe to boost Rwanda’s export volumes and foreign exchange receipts; http://bit.ly/2ElblYH
  • The growing high-end Hotels in Rwanda have complained about ‘poor quality’ of local fruits and vegetables pushing them to import the products; http://bit.ly/2G6q0TK
  • Rwanda Takes Development Partners For Retreat; http://bit.ly/2EHytzI


  • Sudan’s central bank has said it will devalue the local currency to an upper limit of 31.5 Sudanese pounds against the US dollar; http://bit.ly/2EiNqVu
  • President Omar al-Bashir announced the establishment of a program with Russia aimed at strengthening Sudan’s military capabilities; http://bit.ly/2BqaiE9
  • Sudan & Saudi Arabia have agreed to re-establish banking relations, a move that may help restore confidence in Sudan’s economy after the lifting of U.S. economic sanctions; http://bit.ly/2G8BJB9
  • Sudan expects the United States to lift economic sanctions as Khartoum has met all the required condition; http://bit.ly/2BqbfMJ


  • Turkey’s engagement with Somalia is striking for its brevity & ostensible success. Turkey has been involved in Somalia since just 2011, yet Ankara can point to a string of reported accomplishments and an arguably outsized presence in an often violent country regularly described as a failed state; http://bit.ly/2EYlGqn
  • The International Court of Justice has allowed Somalia to file a response to a case in which it has sued Kenya over a maritime border; http://bit.ly/2o3NscV


  • Thousands of refugees have flooded into Burundi to escape a fresh outbreak of fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The UNHCR has praised locals for welcoming their traumatized neighbors; http://bit.ly/2BTeptc
  • Burundi economic growth remains severely affected by the acute political crisis that has gripped the country. A succession of adverse events, including suspension of financial aid by major donors, shortage of foreign exchange reserves, imports price inflation, and declining investment, seriously weakened the country’s economy, which contracted an estimated 1.3% in 2017; http://bit.ly/2CeWER1