Check out the top news across Africa last week.

  • Smart cities are said to hold the key to rapid Africa urbanization. The overarching aim of a smart city is to enhance the quality of living for its citizens through smart technology. Experts allude to the fact that the fundamental aspect of a smart city is not the number of sensors or devices it contains, but rather the use of technology.
  • The economics of investing in African art is experiencing a growing interest from buyers and collectors and is changing the economics of investing in African Art, as gallery owner Mandla Sibeko explains.
  •  would consider buying a stake in South African Airways should South Africa decide to sell equity in the struggling state carrier. SAA hasn’t made a profit since 2011 and last week delayed the release of annual earnings due to its precarious financial state.
  • Sudan has agreed to a roadmap to rehabilitate the country with the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and African Development Bank, its finance minister said on Thursday. The plan involves structural reforms and in the deal, Sudan would not have to pay its lenders debt arrears.