• Kenya has been named a Rising Star of Global Trade and ranked position 3 in the top 20 markets with the greatest potential for future trade growth. According to the report, the market’s impressive potential alludes to the government’s ‘Big Four’ initiative.
  • Tuskys now seeks Sh1b to compete in supplier payments to boost its working capital to address the supplier payment period Link:
  • UK seeks to partner with Kenyan Fintech companies to increase financial inclusion for low income and underserved customers as they announced 10m pounds worth of UK AID towards the Catalyst Fund.
  • Kenyan Farmers Mix Tradition, Tech to Protect Drying Mara River by using text messaging to report other farmers or corporations who take too much water out of the river or withdraw water without a license. The system then combines that information with other pressures on the water supply, such as changing weather patterns and population figures, to predict how the river will cope with demand in the future.

Refugees in Kenya build a Sh5.6bn economy inside camps, as shown in a report by ICF. Kakuma and Kalobeyei receive $500,000 (Sh50 million) each per month in BC transfers. It estimates that around $300,000 (Sh30 million) is spent per month in cash in the BC shops in Kakuma and up to $120,000 (Sh12 million) in those in Kalobeyei based on shop owners.