Education Could be the Key To Job Security During Covid-19.

Amid the COVID 19 pandemic, the job market has been affected with many workers getting laid off as organizations attempt to cut back on labour costs. As earlier predicted, the recession was bound to lead to job losses, lower incomes and increased poverty. As of September 2020, 1.7 Million people had lost their jobs according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. 

In Nigeria, the employment rate went up to 33.3% from 23.1% in 2018 while in South Africa, 3 million people lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. 

Operations also changed as employees were now working from home and as restrictions are being lifted, companies are adopting hybrid working systems. 

With all these changes, one interesting finding that has come out is educated workers seem to possess the ability to adapt to changing needs of employers and even new technologies that facilitate work. Educated workers are also coming out as better information seekers and employers might even be reluctant to lay them off due to their ability to adapt.

Educated workers can also find work easier and maybe maintain earnings. Advanced graduates have the ability to switch to better jobs much faster. This coincides with a 2018 study that stated a good education was more important for employees to change to another industry.

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