Worry not!

Considering COVID-19, employment gaps are about to become the new “normal” for many people.

I advocate for anyone with extended (1 year+) gaps to submit an accompanying cover letter/ email to CONCISELY explain any significant gaps.

Do NOT go into elaborate detail about:

  1. Starting a family.
  2. Medical issues pertaining to you or a loved one.
  3. Mental health issues.
  4. Bereavement.
  5. Divorce.
  6. Financial issues.


Because the details are PERSONAL, not professional.

State the bare minimum facts and stop.

There is no “rule” for this.

Whether you explain gaps in the resume, cover email or in the interview; the choice and decision are yours alone.

What is ESSENTIAL is that you keep it short and as devoid of emotion as possible.

Do not traumatize yourself any further.


“Redundancy due to COVID-19” says it all.

Courtesy: Kirsty Bonner | #KB