End of June Business News Highlights


Farmers in Togo are beginning to shift to digital agriculture by utilizing drones to assist in their farming activities. The drones are being used to inspect disease and spray nutrients such as fertilizers. Local farmers have reported that the method is effective as it prevents damage that occurs when humans walk in rice plantations https://bit.ly/35aVaI4


Congo’s State Diamond company MIBA hopes to rebound after the Great Congo Wars left the company crippled from debt. At the moment, the mine is operational but there is still a lot more that needs to be done and more funding needs to take place before the mine can become its former self https://bit.ly/3wbZPWk .


Uganda and Burundi are set on optimizing trade and commerce by finalizing the construction of two roads that connect the two countries. The routes are 360 kilometres and 274 kilometres and they have minimized a 7-hour drive to 4 hours. The new route will improve business which had plummeted following a disagreement between Rwanda and Uganda https://bit.ly/3x8C1mc.

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