Entrepreneur of the Week | Melvin’s Tea CEO, Flora Mutahi

“In the ’90s, everyone thought you should choose a profession, like a doctor or a nurse. Business was for those people unable to get careers,” says Flora Mutahi, CEO of Melvin Marsh International. “Nowadays, I spend a lot of my time telling young people it is fine to do business as a first choice.”

 Under the Melvins Teas label, her company produces flavoured and infused teas sold in Kenya as well as in some regional and global markets. Flora Mutahi is the founder of Melvin Marsh International, the Kenyan-based family business that first began in 1995. Kenya’s first flavored teas were launched under the company’s renowned brand – Melvins Teas. Today, Melvins Teas serves millions of cups of tea a year. The product base has expanded to include not only flavored teas but herbal and fruit infusions.

My employment history is only nine months long as an auditor. I was also a student then. James Mcfie of Strathmore Business School noticed that I was not motivated doing my professional accounting classes. He challenged me to be true to myself and find my purpose as I was creating a habit of tolerance that would follow me for the rest of my life if not addressed. Within two days, I quit both the professional studies and my job to really find out what I wanted to do. It was a very scary time, but I was young with no real responsibilities. The second person who gave me invaluable advice was my then boss Mrs Charity Muya. She challenged me by asking about the business I wanted to do. She shared a few examples of people who traded exceptionally well but did not hold out over the years. She said I must create a legacy, build a brand that can outlive me. My proudest achievement is building a strong, nationally-recognized brand.

Learn more about Flora Mutahi’s story here http://bit.ly/2NF8yzf