Entrepreneurs of the Week: Nancy Kafwimbi & Zita Kafwimbi – Sage Valley.

Sage valley is a Zambian company owned by 2 sisters Nancy Kafwimbi and Zita Kafwimbi. It is a business (brand) that produces locally made spices that started in 2019. The founders noticed a gap in the market, where in all spices were from South Africa, hence the idea to start their own Zambian spice brand emerged.

It is currently available in chain stores such as Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Zambeef, Melissa Kabulonga and selected whole sales in Kamwala and the Zambian town. “Our products recently got listed in a number of Shoprite stores and this facility came at the right time to enable us to meet the increase in demand for our product. It is especially exciting for us as a young business to get this facility during this pandemic when many small businesses are struggling to stay afloat,” says CEO and co-founder Zita Kafwimbi.

Sage valley is planning on getting into all the chain stores in Zambia and also enter the export market starting with the SADC region and hopefully reach the European market. They also plan to introduce more Sage Valley products other than spices. Their plan is to make the Sage Valley Brand a Zambian household name.

Sage Valley currently has 15 employees 6 permanent and 9 casual workers. They get their spices from the local farmers some that are in cooperatives and employ an 80% women workforce.

“We believe that u don’t have to have everything perfect for you to start a business…the key is to start with what you have. No matter how rough the journey gets, don’t give up, perseverance is cardinal for success.”

Even young Africans can create brands that can compete internationally and make Africa proud.

“Sage valley, your secret kitchen companion”