Executive Search, Headhunting and Recruitment Agency, what’s the difference?

Executive Search, Headhunting and Recruitment Agency, what’s the difference?

Trying to find a partner to assist your organization with talent acquisition is somewhat daunting! The whole language of recruitment has evolved and now many large companies will have a Talent Manager and an HR Manager. 

Essentially anyone with Talent in their title is responsible for hiring and also firing and sometimes will incorporate training and development needs within an organization! 

So does your organization need a Recruitment partner or an Executive Search partner? Essentially both are the same, but the way in which the talent (candidates) are found, is somewhat different. 

With recruitment, adverts are usually placed, the candidates are invited for an interview, tested, reference checked and then a shortlist is sent to the client or company for an interview. In the case of Executive Searches or head hunting, the agency pro-actively contacts suitable talent for a particular role and invites the individuals for interview. Often a large company may well know who they want to approach for a role, but cannot be seen to be ‘poaching’ individuals, so use an outsourced Executive Search company to do this for them. Usually, this method would apply to senior positions where the remuneration of the talent is higher and therefore the payment made to the Executive Search company is also higher. 

For extremely specialized roles or Board level management positions, it is usually advisable to use a specialized outsourcing Executive Search company. You can take references from other clients before making a decision. Equally, if the cost is an issue, you can look at a recruitment company and again, check previous roles recruited by the organization and check client references. There are many times when you may want a combination of the two and in this case, check that the outsourcing recruitment company has the channels through which to source and find suitable candidates for your particular company and particular roles. 
As long as you know your own budget, have an open relationship with your partner, you can usually find exactly what you are looking for at the right price! 

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