Facts Vs Rumours About Coronavirus

• Temperature as a cure

Just as the scientific community didn’t give Trump’s theories on COVID-19’s survival in high temperatures a seal of approval – hand dryers and UV lamps don’t effectively guard against the virus – the WHO has also discredited the idea that cold weather and snow can kill the new virus. So don’t bother going on an ice cream binge.

• Transmission via parcels from China

Although their lifespan varies depending on the environment and temperature, pathogenic germs can only survive on objects such as parcels, coins and credit cards for a few hours. Products imported from China to Africa have been travelling for too long to transmit the virus.

• Youthful immunity

The virus doesn’t just impact the elderly, although being in a fragile state influences the body’s ability to fight infection.

• Bioweapon rumours

Just as conspiracy theories proliferated about HIV, theories surrounding the coronavirus posit that the disease is a bioweapon engineered by the Chinese government, the US government or Bill Gates’s foundation and that it was either deliberately or accidentally released. These rumours overlap with tall tales of former Soviet bloc countries supposedly carrying out secret geopolitical operations to weaken democracies via massive viral propaganda campaigns.

• Transmission via mosquito bites

Although it’s always appropriate to keep a safe distance from the insect that spreads paludism and dengue fever, respiratory viruses don’t seem, at this stage, to be transmitted by mosquito bites, but by droplets of saliva or nasal secretions expelled by an infected person when coughing or sneezing. Speaking of animals, no house pets seem to have been infected by the new coronavirus.