Friendly Friday | “That’s What She Said!”

Friendly Friday | “That’s What She Said!”, Summit Recruitment & Search

This game has been called “an outrageous party in a box” and is perfect for your next get-together or game night. It’s the board game equivalent of spiking the punch!

Great for parties! Fast paced and hilarious on every turn—a perfect twist to Cards Against Humanity. This game is as twisted as your mind wants it to be and can definitely be played with different friends for wildly different outcomes!

How to Play: Each round, a red set up card is drawn by a player who will be the judge. The rest of the players in the group have to match the funny red setup card to the even funnier white phrase cards which they have in their hand. Funniest match up wins points!

Get the game and see for yourself how fun it can be!

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