Funding Opportunities for NGOs in Africa in 2019

Funding Opportunities for NGOs in Africa in 2019

Several trends are disrupting the traditional funding sources relied upon by many non-governmental organizations. Reason for this is that organizations that fund these NGOs such as USAID have sharply cut their budgets and imposed tougher funding restrictions.  

With this confluence of trends, many donors are thinking more like professional investors. “Private sector donors are becoming more sophisticated,” says Trish Tweedley, Senior Director, KPMG Development and Exempt Organizations, US. “Many are seeking better value for money and returns on investment in terms of social outcomes and expecting NGOs to be more accountable and transparent than ever.”  

Similarly, public sector donors are looking for new ways to leverage their limited funding with blended (public-private) finance vehicles that augment declining public dollars with private funds. 

To adapt to a return-driven market for donor resources, many NGOs have taken a fresh look at their funding models. Some have seen this as an opportunity to add impact investing to their operations by pivoting towards activities that have a social and environmental impact (doing good) while generating financial returns (creating value). 

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