Gain financial independence and retire early?

Gain financial independence and retire early?

Want to gain financial independence and retire early, connect with different business people. These events are for you.  

The TIE Leadership Summit  

The TIE Leadership Summit is a forum organized to bring together youths and other interested persons to be trained on essential leadership skills and qualities necessary for team leadership, communication and decision-making. 

The event will bring together leaders from different institutions of higher learning, business organizations and the community.

Speed Networking: Connect & Collaborate 

This is a business speed face to face session where you have an opportunity sell, buy, collaborate and network with fellow freelancers.

Financial Independence, Retire Early – Workshop 

F.I.R.E is a monthly event that is organised by TSAVO (Investment Company). The main purpose of the event is to enlighten people on how they can achieve their Financial Independence and be able to generate enough passive cash-flows to enable them to finance their purpose. The event happens on the last Saturday of every month.