Game of the week – Balls in a Bucket

Game of the week - Balls in a Bucket

For this fun game, you will need two chairs and buckets, a large bag of cotton balls, a large serving spoon, a cloth or bandana to use as a blindfold, and a stopwatch or timer. Put the two buckets on the chairs, one filled with cotton balls, about five feet apart, facing each other. Blindfold a player, hand them the large spoon and instruct them to move the cotton balls from one bucket to the other. Make sure you twirl the player around a few times before they begin. Set the timer for a set amount of time, five minutes maximum. The player that gets the most cotton balls in the bucket before the timer goes off wins. If a player loses their direction, they cannot use their hands to find the bucket. Also, if they peek or use their hands, they are disqualified. Sometimes the player will lose direction and begin scooping from the wrong bucket, eliciting great laughter.