Global News & Updates in Tech

  • Showmax increases Video on Demand access in Africa, in a move to address the challenges faced by many Africans when it comes to streaming platforms
  • Google employees protest as workers hold a rally to support two activist workers placed on leave by the search giant’s management.
  • GitHub wants to make sure its entire warehouse of open source code survives an apocalypse by burying it deep within an Arctic vault as one of several preservation strategies.
  • Apple is getting into the medical research field with its recent announcement of three studies to be conducted through its Research app. Participants can use their Apple devices to contribute movement, heart rate and noise level data to the studies — and they can do it through everyday activities like walking or attending a concert.
  • Google to Shame Slow-Loading Websites. Google announced plans to use performance badges to warn users of slow-loading websites ahead.
  • Xiaomi has patented a new a dual-display smartphone with quad rear cameras setup.
  • Nedbank announced that it has partnered with Mara Phones to make thousands of SA-made, world-class Android smartphones available to its clients.
  • The Federal Communications Commission has moved to block United States telecoms from using critical federal funds to buy Huawei equipment.