Greig Jansen – CEO, Pura Soda

The soft drink category has long been dominated by large corporates, but nimble startups like SA’s Pura Beverage Company are taking them on by launching innovative products designed to cater to changing consumer needs. Three years after launching into its local market, the South African lower-calorie, lower-sugar soft drink, Pura Soda, is already available in 13 countries, including the US. The drinks have flavours such as Seville orange, cucumber and lime, and lemon and elderflower.

Founder and CEO Greig Jansen ascribes the company’s growth to hard work, planning and market research, but acknowledges that the startup has been fortunate to ride the global wave of increasing demand for healthier beverages. At 11.6g per 330ml can, Pura Soda contains less than half of the sugar that average soft drinks have. With its focus on “evolved refreshment”, Pura Beverage Company aims to challenge the traditional perceptions held about carbonated beverages – that of stained teeth, sugar highs and weight gain.

Greig Jansen noticed that people wanted to be healthier and to consume more natural products, but they still wanted the taste and refreshment that traditional sodas offered. In response to this, Pura Soda was born and launched to market in 2017 as a better-for-you alternative to mainstream soda brands. The beverage is much lower in sugar (below the sugar tax threshold), has no colourants, and only uses natural flavours. Read more about the founder and Pura Soda