Have you heard about Cambridge International College?

CIC is an accredited British College internationally recognized for high-quality courses designed to prepare its learners for career success. Studying with CIC is flexible, affordable and can be done through distance learning (with Affiliates in Kenya who can provide classes/tuition if necessary).

The College is accredited through Kenya’s Ministry of Education and Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority and National Industrial Training Authority. They are recognized by many professional bodies including Kenya Institute of Management, Institute of Human Resource Management, Kenya Institute of Supplies Management, Marketing Society of Kenya, and Insurance Institute of East Africa – all of which assist career development and progress.

As a valued candidate of Summit Recruitment & Search Africa, CIC is offering you a special 15% fee reduction from CIC fees which you can get by simply writing or quoting ‘Summit Recruitment 131120K’ on your CIC Application or Enrolment Form.

We are pleased to recommend CIC to help you get the knowledge you need for your career’s success! If you would like more information about Cambridge International College, you can visit their website: www.cambridgecollege.co.uk or send them an email on: learn@cambridgetraining.com