Hospitality Sector News Updates & Highlights

  • Moroccan tourism expert Zouhir Bouhout believes that Morocco risks losing 10.5 million tourists and over 19.8 million overnight stays in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Chambers Khaled Hanafi has called for establishing a joint economic zone between Egypt and Greece that would be for the interest of both countries in addition to developing maritime and touristic cooperation.
  • Promoting regional and domestic tourism could revive the revenue sharing scheme across the country enabling communities to get past the impact of Covid-19 in the tourism sector which has suspended community support projects, Rwanda Development Board has said.
  • The Nairobi Hospital has entered into a partnership with the United Nations to set up a KES 1.1 billion (approx. USD 10.2 million) coronavirus treatment facility that will offer preference to the global organisation’s workers and family members in Africa.  
  • Hotels in both the Middle East and Africa reported lower occupancy but improved room rates from the previous month, according to June 2020 data from STR.