How do you choose the RIGHT Recruitment Company?



Everybody loves to hate recruitment companies – rather like Estate Agencies! They are seen as a necessary evil, or quite simply money not well spent! But let’s look at a few facts.

The consequence of employing the wrong people into your organisation is huge, in terms of time, money and energy. Every company strives to employ A-list calibre employees – but this rarely happens. In order to get the right people, recruitment companies are usually a great advantage in helping an organisation achieve this goal – but you have to find the right partner. Questions you should be asking at an initial meeting should include the following;
What is your success rate placing candidates? (i.e. how many candidates are still at the company 6 months down the line.)
What are the timelines for finding candidates?
How do you filter candidates?
Do the candidates undergo rigorous testing?
How do you take the references and can we see them?
If a candidate leaves the organisation within 6 months, do you replace them?
Do you meet our Directors as a matter of policy?
How do you understand our company culture?

The list of questions is not exhaustive, but you need to be sure that you are not going to receive 100’s of irrelevant CV’s for you to wade through! A recruitment agency needs to LISTEN to your requirements and give you the selected ‘best fit’ candidates, with the right company culture. This may mean that you are paying slightly more for a service, but in the long run, you ultimately get what you pay for!

A long term partnership is what we all strive for with our clients and this is exactly the same with a recruitment agency. You need to work with the partnership, give feedback on candidates and ensure that the communication is open and honest. If you put effort into the partnership you will reap the rewards and will find those ever elusive A-list employees!

Sue Withers – Managing Director