How do you handle a bad reference in your CV?

We all make mistakes in our career at some point or other;

sending an email copying your Boss by accident, falling out with a particular colleague or simply having a personality clash with your superiors.

However, it is important to show an interviewer that you have learnt from the experience and can show through examples how you have addressed a mistake. The worst thing you can do is try and cover up the job on your CV.

Sooner or later a good recruiter will find out – either through other references, putting dates of jobs started and finished and find the gaps in your CV.

If you left a job on bad terms and you know a reference will not be good – it is much better to say this at an interview if asked. Explain what happened and how you have progressed since. Of course, if you were fired for fraud or theft, this is a different scenario – many employers will not be prepared to take a risk. But generally, if you tell the truth and give a compelling reason why an employer should employ you, many companies are prepared to give you a chance if you have the right skill set and positive attitude for the job.

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