How Summit Recruitment & Search Works

Many people write to enquire how we do our search and recruitment. It is important to note that our recruitment process is FREE, FAIR and without a doubt PROFESSIONAL. As a recruitment and search firm, our primary concern is that of our Clients. Our Clients are organizations looking for individuals to help them achieve their organizational objectives or looking to fill a recently vacated or created position.

We dedicate our time and resources to ensuring that our Clients receive profiles of well evaluated candidates who we believe would be a perfect fit for the concerned organization’s culture. Our evaluation process is very thorough and efficient.

Any candidate called in for an interview has to do undergo a number of skill set tests and psychometric tests, that help us find out more about the candidate outside their CV and usual one on one interviews. Our skill set tests are obviously specific to a particular role. For example, if we are looking to fill an Accountant role, a complex Finance test is given to the candidate. Equally, some of our IT and technical roles require timed on line testing. All candidates of every level are required to do an IQ test, Psychometric test and a Situational test.

Too many tests? Some candidates may find the time needed for this process long, but most appreciate that we endeavor to send out profiles of the best candidates in the job market. Our motto is: World Class Standards; Local expertise and we have no intention of not living up to that slogan. Our success rate is 96%, which means that we find the right individual for the right role within the right organization – so both the Candidate and Client win.

So as a Candidate you now know what to expect when you get a call from one of our consultants asking you to come for an interview. The great news is that, these are one time tests. As a Client, you know that our interview and testing is rigorous and will ensure that only the very best candidates will be shortlisted.

If after interview, we find a Candidate not a good fit for a particular role, we keep the profile on our database and the next time a similar role arises we are able to retrieve all the details immediately.

Summit Recruitment & Search are committed to ensuring that the right individuals are shortlisted for the right organizations. We want our Client’s companies to grow and prosper and at the same time we want to enhance and assist with individual’s careers.

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