How to Increase your Odds of Getting Called in for an Interview

The process of getting a job usually starts with an application. Even if you can give a great interview, it won’t matter if you aren’t applying for the right jobs and if your CV doesn’t effectively articulate what makes you right for the role. Follow these steps to increase your odds of getting called in for an interview.

  1. Apply Early

At Summit, we recruit on a rolling basis meaning once a job vacancy is posted, we will look through the CV’s as they come in and call people with the right qualifications for interviews. Hence, making sure you are actively checking out our website and social media for new job postings can increase your odds of getting called in for an interview.

  1. Read the Job Description Carefully

This will help you know if you are right for the position and if it is something you can and would enjoy doing. You should meet at least 80% of the job requirements to be considered for a role. Additionally, reading the job description will allow you to note the key skills employers are looking for and leverage them in your CV and cover letter.

  1. Polish your CV

Your CV is the main thing a consultant has in order to understand who you are exactly. Make sure your CV is neat, has no spelling errors and is made as easy as possible for the consultant to go through. Edit the information on your CV to what is relevant to the role you are applying for.

  1. Do your research about the company

This includes going through the company’s website, LinkedIn and social media profiles. From doing your research, you can learn about the company culture, attitudes and additional skills they may be looking for through the job vacancy.

Other small additional tips include keeping your social profiles updated (our consultants will often look up potential candidates on LinkedIn which we have a blog on how to optimize), offering a cover letter or writing something personalized for that job in the personal summary section of the application on our Job Board.

Finally, do not keep applying for the same job over and over but also refrain from applying for different jobs all the time. Instead, look for the ones you are both interested in and qualify for as you have a better chance in that regard.