How to Resign Without Burning Bridges

Resigning is often a big decision and sometimes a hard one to make. Finding a better opportunity, healthier work environment, improved benefits. There are different reasons people choose to leave their organizations but what matters is how you leave. You never know where you might meet your employer or colleagues again therefore it is important to not burn any bridges as you leave. 

Here are some tips on handling your resignation and leaving with the relationships you built intact. 

Be Sure of Your Decision

Once you handle your resignation notice or inform your boss of your impending departure, there is no turning back. It is therefore important to mull over your decision to leave and really be sure resigning is the best decision. Since you might not be sure of your employer’s reaction, it is advisable to have some savings on hand and maybe have some job openings you can apply for immediately. Some employers could let you go right after the conversation. 

Give Your Notice in Person

Arrange for a meeting with your boss and have a resignation letter on hand. Absconding work without notice is a surefire way to burn bridges with a potential referee in the future. It is best to even give at least one week’s notice before leaving.

Avoid Badmouthing 

In your conversations with your employer, your reasons to leave might come up and it is critical you do not talk negatively about the company or your employer. Mention the lessons you have learned over your tenure at the company and express gratitude for the opportunity and mentorship you received. It is important to leave a positive lasting impression therefore offer to train the incoming employee or colleagues so they are not stranded as they are trying to fill your role. 

Do NOT let your performance drop

Keep your standards high until the last day. Be consistent in terms of your punctuality and performance. Demonstrate your motivation to provide value to the company and on your final day be sure to thank your employer and colleagues once again.

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