How we Make the Workplace Fun | Friendly Friday

At Summit Recruitment and Search, we use our Friday afternoons to engage in fun and entertaining games which is not only an enjoyable way to end the week, but also significantly helps with employee bonding.

For the past couple of weeks, our team has been playing Kenya at 50 – a board game with the premise of taboo but with a Kenyan theme. We started by diving the office into teams of 3 and chose our team names. We agreed on the rules (below), the wager and the prize for the winning team.

Rules: To begin, the starting team rolls the dice and advances their token. If you land on either a red or black square, one member of the team will be required to select a maximum of 2 cards from the box of cards and ask questions from the corresponding color on the card. The opposing team will turn over the 50-second timer to start timing the specific round. Each correct answer is 5 points and the objective of the game is for a team to accumulate 500 points before the other team/s.

This is a fun and easy way to wrap up a long week and alleviate any work pressure present. All you need is a couple of willing players and the board game – which if you are a Kenyan, would be a great addition to your game collection. Highly recommend!

Warning: If you have very competitive people in your organization, you may want to pick a room furthest away from other offices as this game can get very loud.

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