Importance of equality and inclusion in the workplace 

Importance of equality and inclusion in the workplace , Summit Recruitment & Search

Equality and inclusion in the workplace is a cornerstone of any business. Everyone should have the same opportunities to succeed, and this includes employees and job applicants. We must not treat people unfairly because of reasons protected by discrimination law (protected characteristics). These include sex, age and race. This is important because it ensures that everyone has an equal chance to be successful in their job and have a fulfilling career regardless of their protected characteristic.

It is also important that we treat everyone fairly and not make assumptions about someone because of their gender, for example by using ‘male or female rather than he or she: This is because it can be difficult to tell someone’s sex, and using gendered language can make people feel uncomfortable or judged. We do all we can to ensure that all of our employees are treated fairly and equally regardless of their protected characteristics.

We apply this principle across all aspects of our business; from recruiting through to career development performance management and reward processes.

Companies are running equality and diversity programme to make sure that there are no barriers affecting people due to their race, religion, gender, sexuality disability or age. Also companies are advised in coming up with policies in place to ensure that there is equality and inclusion. This includes having an anonymous employee helpline so that people can voice any concerns they have.

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