Impressions of a candidate….

Did you know that only 7% of what you actually say at an interview is heard? Your tone and appearance have a far greater impact. This surprises most people. I think senior candidates are aware that the first impression they make as they walk through the interviewer’s door is key, but many do not realise how their manner and tone, throughout the interview, is also paramount.

Make your replies to questions interesting – a drone voice is not appealing. Try and add some inflection to your voice if you can, so that you keep the interest of the interviewer. If you sit with your legs crossed and arms folded – just imagine how this comes across to the interviewer it appears highly negative and looks like you are either hiding something or not interested in what is being discussed.

So even if you are not completely clear on what you are answering – say it in an engaging way and you have a far better chance of getting that all important job!

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