Industry Insights | Hospitality

In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, hospitality is one of the industries that was hit the hardest. 

In 2021 one major question remains, “ What are the trends in hospitality and what opportunities lie for those who wish to get into it?”

Two trends prevalent in the hospitality industry at the moment are:

  1. Increased demand for staycations- This is especially true for millennials who still wish to enjoy a vacation on a limited budget especially over the weekends. 
  2. Increased demand for Personalization- Guests expect a unique, personalized experience from the moment they see an advertisement, book a room and eventually check out. 

Though limited, opportunities are still there but a different breed of hoteliers is in demand. Prospective hoteliers are now required to have strong problem solving and design thinking skills. This helps in understanding the guests’ needs and how to attend to them. Hoteliers are also expected to have solid multitasking capabilities. Hotels have placed an emphasis on labour cost control but even on limited staff, personalization and customer satisfaction must still be achieved.