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Industry News: FMCG, Summit Recruitment & Search

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector is one of the largest employers and job seekers continue to their search for opportunities in the industry. The FMCG sector has continuously evolved and professionals now need to upskill to gain a competitive edge and to meet the demands of the job. 

One of the skills FMCG professionals now need is persuasion. While demand is already there and consumers need not research a product as much, there are competitors in the space. As such, professionals in the FMCG space should be persuasive enough to convince prospective buyers that their product is better than that of their competitors. 

Professionals in the FMCG space are also being required to have skills across multiple disciplines because an understanding of different skills improves efficiency to some extent. Professionals also need to ensure they have retained their core skill as it is fundamental for performance. Understanding different disciplines however enables employees in the sector to communicate better with each other, set goals and strategies everyone is on the same page with.

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