Industry Thursday: Legal

The legal industry is a highly appealing space for those who are passionate about all matters legal. Just like every other industry during the pandemic, the legal space adopted technology for day-to-day operations and it was interesting to see some court proceedings taking place online. As things resume to normal, legal firms have still held on to technology with some drafting documents such as Non-Disclosure Agreements digitally. This has largely minimized labour as a task that would take days can now be completed within hours or minutes. 

Another key trend that has emerged is Micro Niches. While legal firms had adopted targeted services for their clients, demand has gone up and this is likely attributed to the complexities arising in different industries. Therefore, legal firms have to gain a deeper understanding of their clients and pinpoint their needs to serve them better. 

One key niche that legal experts have agreed to be on-demand is the cybersecurity space. As most individuals and companies increased their utilization of digital technology, cyber crimes went up, which has created an opening for legal experts within the niche to firmly establish themselves.

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