IT News and Updates Across the World

  • Two of the tech industry’s biggest players are working together to fight the coronavirus, announcing a new set of tools that could come to a majority of smartphones around the world. The new technology relies on Bluetooth wireless radio technology to help phones communicate with one another, ultimately warning users about people they’ve come in contact with who are infected with the coronavirus.
  • Amid an overcast economy, there is a bright spot promising to unleash a wave of clean transport technologies, green financing and sustainable industrial parks in Kenya. Even with attention glued to the pandemic, National Treasury officials have been preparing a policy framework to zero-rate tax on electric vehicles, float Kenya’s first sovereign green bond and create green economic zones.
  • Facebook and YouTube are cracking down on the pervasive conspiracy theories linking the spread of coronavirus to 5G wireless technology. Facebook has begun actively removing false claims that could lead to physical harm. WhatsApp has reduced the number of accounts users can forward chats to from five to one.
  • As the coronavirus crisis continues to capture everyone’s attention, cybercriminals stay busy running scams and delivering malware using the attention-getting virus as a lure. The threats from the scammers and crooks, which began as early as January and continue unabated, range from tricking people out of their financial data to delivering pernicious malware.
  • Pandemic leads to surge in video conferencing app downloads. As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to disrupt business, employees are turning to mobile business apps to ensure productivity remains high.
  • As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the globe, new surveillance methods are already raising new privacy and security challenges despite the still-early days of this crisis. Chief among these potential problems is the sudden turn by the government toward using geolocation data to track millions of cell phones in monitoring the spread of the disease.