Jobs in the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

The scope of supply chain management and operations is very broad, and no two companies necessarily have the same approach to it. Therefore, there are no real defined supply chain career paths—but this is a good thing, because your career can take you anywhere.

The roles and paths suggested are possibilities that exist within the industry and might give you an idea of where your career-journey might lead—or even where it might start.

  1. Planning
    1. Production Planner
    2. Demand Planner
    3. Capacity Planner
    4. Load Planner
    5. Supply Chain Planner
  1. Manufacturing
    1. Purchasing Manager
    2. Engineer
    3. Production Planner
    4. Warehouse Manager
    5. Quality Manager
  1. Sourcing
    1. Commodities Manager
    2. Buyer
    3. Strategic Sourcing Manager
    4. Procurement Specialist / Manager
    5. Category Manager
  1. Delivery
    1. Logistics Administrator / Manager
    2. Transport Administrator / Manager
    3. Reverse Logistics Manager
    4. Warehouse Administrator
    5. Inventory Controller

If you would like to pursue a career in logistics and supply chain, consider one or more of the jobs described above and learn more about what each one entails here All of them will get you a foot in the door—and from there your career path can follow any direction that you want it to.

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