Latest Technology News & Updates Across the World

  • Apple’s redesigned maps service has rolled out across the United States, giving users more accurate navigation and “comprehensive views” of roads, buildings, malls and more.
  • Chinese electronics giant TCL will not release any more BlackBerry-branded phones, the company has announced. In 2016, it signed a deal to produce BlackBerry-branded Android phones, after BlackBerry decided to stop making its own devices.
  • Microsoft Teams goes down as the company forgets to renew a certificate.
  • Solus, an independent Linux distro based in Ireland, is built from scratch on the Linux kernel and the flagship Budgie desktop. This week’s release brings the KDE Plasma desktop to the growing Solus family.
  • Saudi Hack of Bezos’ Phone Shines Bright Light on Security Challenges.  Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ smartphone was hacked through a malicious file sent from the WhatsApp account of Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.
  • Is Siri spying on me? Apps on my iPad began playing Spanish ads after conversations at home.
  • Elon Musk hires AI subordinate that “reports directly” to him daily