Letter To Candidates

Have you applied for several jobs? Are you yet to be called for an interview and losing faith in Recruitment & Executive Search companies? If the answer is yes, please read on… 

Recently, I have been asked by candidates why Summit Recruitment & Search does not call everyone for an interview. Some candidates have applied for several jobs but never been asked for an interview. The reason is simple, with unemployment running at around 39%, we simply are unable to see every candidate applying for a position. Last month, one of our jobs, posted on the Summit website, attracted over 2000 applicants! If you have applied for a job through the Summit website, you will know that we have a ‘kick back’ questionnaire you are required to complete. The results of this questionnaire will largely determine if we call you for an interview or not – we need 100% ‘match’ for the job we are fulfilling. If you do not ‘match’ the role exactly, we do not call you for an interview.  

This may seem harsh, but as you can probably imagine, our role is to find the best candidates for the right job and we would be setting everyone up for failure if we put forward candidates who are not perfectly suited for a post.  

However, please do not lose hope. To assist all our candidates at every level, we hold a free Advisory Career Clinic monthly and you are welcome to book a slot to speak personally (or via Skype) to a member of the Summit Team. You may be struggling with your CV, or getting to interviews, but not getting offered the job. Or you may simply need advice on your Career. 

So please feel free to pick up the phone and ask Stacy to book an appointment 0713 461279. Places are limited, but we will endeavour to find a slot for you. We really do wish we could find everyone a job – but if we can’t do that, we will try and help you as best we can. 

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