Looking for an Interview Preparation Checklist below is Feedback from our Career Clinic

‘I learnt tips on how to tweak my resume to fit my applications, since the correct CV defines me and what I want. The interaction was very insightful.’

Adam Wanjama – Financial Services.

‘I learnt how to present myself better in an interview and especially how to handle the “tell us about yourself” question which is frequently asked. Additionally, I got to understand how to write a good CV.

Alfridah Moraa – Accounting.

I got to know how to sell myself through my CV. I also understood what my options were. The feedback has helped me to focus on my career path.

Joseph Birundu – Insurance.

‘I not only learnt how to make challenging or difficult decisions but also the dangers of job-hopping. The session was truly informative.’

Patrick – Logistics.