Meet the Summit Recruitment & Search Team

Introducing: Grace Kamau: Finance & Consultant at Summit Recruitment & Search

Top Recruitment Company in Kenya

Grace joined the Summit Recruitment & Search agency 5 years ago and has gone through 3 office moves, as the company has expanded! Grace is a specialist consultant in Finance and IT recruitment.

What made you come to Summit Recruitment & Search?

I was looking for a change having been with Don Bosco Institute of Computer studies for 8 years. I was a trainer and also did some of the recruitment and I thought my skills could be used elsewhere. When I saw the Finance and Admin Consultant role at Summit Recruitment & Search, I thought this was something I could do well, so I applied and luckily got the job! In the early years I did a bit of everything because we were much smaller 5 years ago, but now I concentrate on everything to do with Finance!

• What does your day entail (job description)?

I do most of the Finance roles and so I respond to clients, inquiries and send out invoices. I also do the Finances for Summit, making sure all our clients have paid us on time!

• What’s the most enjoyable part of your day?

I love interviews best, and what I have learnt is that you know straight away if someone will be right for a job. Or maybe wrong for the job! I enjoy people’s passion and enthusiasm. I also love solving payment issues and of course now that Summit operates in so many East African and indeed African countries, I have to make sure that these payments are made correctly and we don’t lose the money in transit from say Ethiopia to Kenya!

• Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I am neither extrovert nor introvert – probably somewhere in the middle! I love numbers and I love solving problems. I am a team player and every day, my colleague Kate and I take it in turns to bring in our food to share and happily share with anyone else who has either forgotten theirs or would like some!

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